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Hello, I am Ankit Goyanka. Welcome to my site!

I am a passionate serial entrepreneur providing quality back office support in a digitally secured environment and partner with the best people to make it come to life.

Been there, done that. From successfully expanding the business model by trading my startup with US based leading Digital ID verification company – Jumio Corporation to currently leading a team of over 1000, I have acclaimed a few milestones in this short journey, and am certainly not giving up the hope for many more such milestones to come.

I believe that ‘quality’ always conquers quantity in the IT service sector. The core competency of my venture includes Data security (PCI compliant environment), Digital Marketing, Secure Database Management, Finance & Accounts and Big Data (Eye for future).

With an aim to support and assist young Entrepreneurs under ‘Digital India’ platform, I also have the keen interest in philanthropy and CSR with a view to paying back something to the society and nation.

Personal Information

Full Name
Ankit Goyanka
[email protected]


English fluent
Hindi fluent

Professional Skills


  • Leadership
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Customer Oriented
  • Out of Box Thinking
  • Self Motivated
  • Self-Reliance

Part of My Life

  • Spiritual
  • Reading
  • Yoga
  • Music

work experience


An investor in A2V Tech – Genext Startup to develop leading platforms for diversified sectors.


Jumio India Pvt. Ltd.(Formerly known as Goyanka Technologies Pvt. Ltd.) grown with 1000+ headcount and became the global leader in Digital ID Verification.

ProcessVenue moved ahead providing support to various clients all over the world with a team of 70+

GTPL renamed as Jumio India Pvt. Ltd.

GTPL renamed as Jumio India Pvt. Ltd. and grown with headcount of 600+ with multiple sites at different locations

Sold Goyanka Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Build globally accepted company structure and successfully sold GTPL to US based Market Leader Jumio Inc.

Founder, CEO, Director – ProcessVenue

Founder, CEO, Director – ProcessVenue (Trademark of Predusk Technology Pvt. Ltd) with an initial headcount of 50.

Founder, CEO, Director – Goyanka Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Founder, CEO, Director – Goyanka Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (GTPL) with the headcount of 100+

Founder, CEO, Director – Viniyog Solutions

Founder, CEO, Director – Viniyog Solutions started with a team of 10.


For those who are interested in latest trends in big data and artificial intelligence may go through my blogs. I am writing about insights of the industry as well. I will appreciate your questions and feedback.

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